Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Admitted defeat on fencing, but all go for archery!

When I started the Gold Challenge last year I expected it to be challenging, but after tearing my meniscus in my right knee, it has become really challenging. Before Christmas I booked myself and Steve onto a fencing course in Cheltenham. Steve was captain of his school fencing club and it's a sport I was really looking forward to doing. The course was supposed to start yesterday. The plan was that my knee would be healed sufficiently to complete the course, but the fact that I am struggling to walk, drive (yes, if you missed it I HAVE PASSED MY DRIVING TEST- if you ask nicely I will tell you how many attempts it took) and generally use my knee, and the physio told me that the worst thing I can do is squat or lunge I feel it would be a really stupid thing to go. I cannot tell you how gutted I am and I really hope I will be able to do some kind of fencing for the challenge before July. On a more positive note I am booked on an archery course starting tonight. No amount of sore knee is going to stop me from doing it. I have done archery once before at Centre Parcs and thought it was great fun so I am very excited. I am also going to go to the local Boccia club next week as it is on a Wednesday and due to fencing not being an option I will have my Wednesday's free! I am currently waiting for an appointment for keyhole surgery on my knee to repair the tear. I got a phone call this morning, the operation is going to be on the 13th February. Sooner then I thought it would be so i'm chuffed. I have a feeling I am going to be busy in May, June and July! I have been really lucky to get all the sponsorship I have so far, and I WILL complete 20 Olympic Sports by the opening ceremony (must remember to Google exactly when that is!) Please remember why I am doing this Olympic challenge. I am raising money for Dementia UK and all the amazing work they do. If you haven't sponsored me already and you're able to, please do! I am currently 9th in the fundraising league and would love to finish in the Top 10 so I can be the first to run (or quite possibly hop) 100 metres in the Olympic Stadium.

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  1. Fun fact - Bocce (similar to Boccia) is one of the events in PlayStation Move Sports, so I've sort-of tried it.