Sunday, 29 January 2012

Swindon Shock. Wheelchair Basketball Session 2.

I went back to train with Swindon Shock wheelchair basketball team today to complete my three hours of training. Today's session was a 2 hour session starting with about an hour of drills. The drills included playing 'tig' with a partner, sprints, throwing/ catching practice and pulling a partner with your wheelchair. Well, I haven't been able to exercise much recently so I really felt it but they were great fun (and doing this training regularly would banish my bingo wings!!) We then split into small groups and had little mini games where we practiced passing. In the last half an hour of the session we split into 3 teams and played some matches. It is usually the 'big guy' on the team who tips off, but as I was a newcomer they let me do them. I was pleased to win one of them especially as I am so short! I felt a lot more involved during this session and felt like a got stuck in a lot more than last time. I have really enjoyed my training with Swindon Shock- the wheelchair squad are an upcoming team who have only been training for less than a year. They have recently joined a development league- it looks like the club has a bright future.
This is my second completed sport for my Gold Challenge. I have my third archery session on Thursday so really looking forward to that! I am completing the Gold Challenge to raise money for Dementia UK- if you are able to sponsor me, please do here- it will be really appreciated.

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