Thursday, 26 January 2012

Why why why?

Over the last week I have had some time on my hands due to being off sick with my knee. This has lead me to think about why I decided to take part in the Gold Challenge for Dementia UK. Lots of people do things for charity, in recent years my friends have ran half marathons, slept rough for the night, grown their hair for a year, etc etc etc. It has been on my mind for some time that I should do something for charity and I did not know what to do. I have a background in athletics and ran for many years until I was about 20 years old, it is something I have been trying and failing to get back into for many years so I had been considering doing a marathon or something and hoping it will give me the incentive to get fit- but never quite went through with it. At the end of August last year I was doing what I spend many hours doing- sitting, using Twitter when I saw Dementia UK tweet about The McIvor's challenge. It made me have a little look at the Gold Challenge and what challenges they offer. There are three challenges, the 2012km challenge, the sports challenge or the Gold Challenge in a gym. Well, I'm not a fan of gyms so that ruled that one out, and 2012kms seemed like a long way for me so I decided to give the Sports Challenge a go. The Sports Challenge consists of doing either 5 sports, 10 sports, 20 sports or 30 sports before the Olympic Opening Ceremony. I decided 20 was a good number- enough to be a challenge but still manageable. To complete a sport you have to do three hours of training or a competitive event. The Gold Challenge can be done for the charity of your choice. I chose Dementia UK as in August this year I took up post as an Admiral Nurse- supporting carers of people with Dementia. Dementia UK supports Admiral Nurses and works amazingly to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia. The challenge so far has been great fun. I have completed Clay Pigeon Shooting, and started Wheelchair Basketball and Archery. I was recently upset as my bad knee (torn meniscus) stopped me from starting a fencing course Steve and I were booked on, but I am pleased to say they have booked me on another course in May. I am having knee surgery on the 13th February (Happy Valentines) and will a 6 week recovery before I can do knee intensive sport I hope to be fighting fit by April. What do I want to gain from the Gold Challenge? Of course I want to raise lots of money for Dementia UK. I have been very lucky to get some very good sponsorship so far, of course from friends and family but also from Alan Davies of Jonathan Creek fame!! I am hoping to raise lots more- so if you can sponsor me- please do. There are also personal reasons why I wanted to do the challenge. I have never been the most talented sports person, but I have always enjoyed giving it a go. I am hoping that a couple of the sports may grab me and I will be able to join a local club. There are also other sports such as weight lifting and boxing- I doubt I will be any good or have the inclination to carry them on, but will love to have a go! The Gold Challenge experience has been great so far. It has been tough, with the injured knee but I have been able to adapt the challenge so I can carry on. I really hope I am able to be one of the first to run 100 metres in the Olympic Stadium and need to do well in the fundraising league to do this- yet another reason for you to sponsor me! Anyway, after much nattering on, I will keep you updated as and when I do more sports (starting with my second Archery session tonight!)

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