Thursday, 19 January 2012

Robin Hood Robin Hood riding through the den.......

I am very happy to report that I am back on the Gold Challenge wagon! I started my archery course this evening. I am doing a six week archery course with Black and Gold Archers in Cheltenham. After a few worries before I got there that there would be some component of archery that would involve bending or twisting my knee I was very happy to find out that that was not the case and even the warm up and warm down involved standing still. I was very impressed that there were 14 of us beginners there, we were given bows and arrows according to our height (small ones for me) and after the safety briefing we started straight away. Because we're beginners we didn't have the targets with points, we were shooting towards what can only be described as big wicker doilies. We spend the next hour and a half learning the basics. I was pleased that I got a few near the centre- but it is going to get more difficult as we were close to the targets and we will be further away next week. I will keep you updated how the archery's going over the next few weeks. It ends on week 6 with a mini competition- I am already excited. My Gold Challenge is back in full swing. I am going to finish my wheelchair basketball on Sunday and then Boccia and my next archery session aare both next week. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me already for Dementia UK- and if you haven't sponsored me yet and want to, you can here.

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