Friday, 6 July 2012

Sport Number 11 Wheelchair Rugby

The last couple of Sunday mornings we had a drive down to Swindon so I can have a go at wheelchair rugby. It is a team that was set up by the council but is supported by Swindon St George rugby league club. The rugby I was playing was touch rugby league wheelchair rugby- not 100% strictly a paralympic sport as the Olympics do union- but in my book it's close enough!! The club has a good mix of players of different abilites and welcomes able bodied people as well as people with disabilities. I found the training really good fun, I'm not a natural rugby player but found the drills and exercises a good laugh and some decent exercise. On our second week we played a little game at the end, unfortunately our team lost miserably but we did our best. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed playing. If it wasn't all the way in Swindon I would consider going down to play regularly, you never know, I might still do!

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far, and who took part in my sweep stake. Your money has made a massive difference. I am getting so close to my goal now, so if you can sponsor me any amount please do. You can sponsor me here.

I did my final diving session on Wednesday- definately one of my favourite sports so far, will upload blog on the weekend. I have also started rowing, rifle shooting and kayaking. Supposed to have my final rowing session tomorrow- we will see how the weather (and the traffic for the Royal international air tattoo affects that).

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