Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Going out with a bang! Sport Number 14- Air Rifles.

My 14th (out of 20) Gold Challenge event was air rifle shooting. I was looking forward to this sport as it was one of the few sports where Steve came along to play too. We went over to Gloucester to Glevum Target and Sports Club. We went for a couple of two hour sessions (even though we tried to go about 4 times but it was quite hard to find). On our first session we had a tour around the range. They have an indoor shooting range and on the grounds is the Gloucestershire County outside range so they have very good facilities. We had the safety briefing and were shown how to use the guns and were left to shoot. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to shoot on target, but it doesn't half make your arm ache. In hindsight I would have probably done the air rifle shooting before we did the clay pigeon as it may have made the clay pigeon shooting a little easier.

Steve and I went back yesterday for our final session. We did another couple of hours of shooting and I do feel I was gradually getting better. Glevum club seems a really good local club, it has about 150 members and everyone was really friendly. Steve is definitely considering joining and I am going to wait until after the challenge to see what time I have on what days. There are loads of sports I want to take up!!

I am less then 2 weeks until the end of the challenge. I have my final gymnastics session tomorrow, rowing on Thursday, a 5k parkrun on Saturday and an open athletics meeting where I will do 200metres, 800metres and long jump on Wednesday 25th. That'll be it- 20 sports completed. I am still raising money for Dementia UK. Please click on the link to see the amazing work they do.

If you would like to sponsor me please do here. Even a very small amount will make a difference to the charity. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far.

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