Thursday, 21 June 2012

Halfway through!!!

I am pleased to report that I am now over halfway through my challenge. On Tuesday I did my second two hours of table tennis at Cheltenham Premier Table Tennis club, which was my tenth sport ticked off the list! I feel quite happy with my table tennis escapades, I am now able to spin the ball and do a decent rally. I even beat someone in a little mini match too so had a small victory.

I am a one woman sports machine at the moment- I have started wheelchair rugby and have my final session on Saturday, I went diving yesterday and have 2 more sessions left (await a blog post with pics and maybe even a video in 2 weeks). I loved my first diving session and can't wait for next week. I should be doing sitting volleyball as we speak but it helps if you take kit to work if going straight from there...... (so will be doing it next week). I have also had contact from a local rowing club today too so from next Saturday I will be doing that too.

Just a quick update about what's going on with my Gold Challenge. Here's the usual bit, if you are able to sponsor me, even if it's just a pound as every penny helps. I am raising money for Dementia UK who support all affected by dementia and help fund Admiral Nurses (like me!!!) If you can sponsor me, you can do here. Thank you.

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