Friday, 18 May 2012

Badminton, boccia and failing to get to other sports.

I had planned for this week to be a very busy Gold Challenge week but it didn't quite go to plan so it ended up being a bit of a busy Gold Challenge week instead. I planned to go to table tennis on Tuesday evening with a local club, was quite excited as it is held in Cheltenham College in all of it's public school glory, but I got lost so didn't make it- but know where I'm going, so will be there next week.

On Wednesday I went along to Pitville Badminton Club and had an amazing time (even though my arm still aches). We basically spent the whole evening playing doubles matches. I lost every match but one of them went to a tie break. I still don't understand the rules of who serves when, something to do with left to right odd and even numbers..... maybe one day I'll get it. I had a great time playing with them and it is definately on the list to want to do when I have finished the challenge (only 70 days left eeeeekkkk).

On Thursday tea time I hopped on the train up to Bromsgrove to play boccia with the Bromsgrove Boccia Bears. I was really looking forward to doing boccia (and I know I have been blogging about it for a while). Boccia is similar to French Boules and was created for people with cerebral palsy and now anyone with a disability can play. There was a very big turn out and we split into 3 games and started playing. The basic idea of the game is that you're either on the red or blue team and you're given 2 balls in the colour of your team. The balls are hard or soft depending on ability/ skill (I had a soft balls because they're the easiest to play with) and someone throws the jack and the teams try and get their balls closest. My team ended up winning about 7-1 (would love to say it is something to do with my skill, but I was rubbish!) I had great fun at boccia, the whole group were really friendly and welcomed me (and didn't laugh at my terrible efforts). I am going to try and go back before the end of my Gold Challenge because I would love to have another go.

After Boccia on Thursday I rushed home to go straight out to fencing with Steve. We turned up only to find out that fencing is on a Wednesday (we went last Wednesday but for some reason thought it was on Thursday nights). FAIL. We'll to fencing after we see the Olympic Torch next Wednesday (will someone make sure we get the right day next week??).

Next week I will be doing table tennis Tuesday and Thursday (I will not get lost this time), fencing on WEDNESDAY (I will remember), and of course I am going to be inspired by the torch relay next week. I am also going to book a couple of rifle shooting sessions in the next few weeks to get another sport done.

As you know I am doing my Gold Challenge to raise money for Dementia UK, if you are able to sponsor me you can here. Thank you.

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