Monday, 5 December 2011

Sport Number 2- Session 1. Wheelchair Basketball.

As you probably know, I have recently hurt my knee. This means that I have had to chop and change the sports I was planning on doing before Christmas. I am currently off sick from work as I am struggling to walk without a crutch but after everyone's generosity already with the sponsorship I was desperate to continue with the challenge. I had a look at the sports list and thought I should try a couple of Paralympic Sport. I contacted Swindon Shock who have a wheelchair team and they quickly got back to me and invited me to come and train with them. On Friday night I nervously went over to Swindon to do my first training session. I was absolutely bricking it. You see, I have no upper body strength and have memories of playing basketball and netball at school and remember how rubbish I was!! As I sheepishly went into the sports hall I was greeted by members of the team and told to pick myself a sports chair and strap myself in. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to maneuver in the chair and began to practice moving myself around. We then warmed up by practicing shooting. OK, I will admit that I didn't actually get any in the hoop (it's a long way up when sat down!) but got some close and I am confident that next time I will succeed. We then played a game. Even though it was a training session everyone was really competitive and felt like I was part of a 'real game'. I tried my best to get involved and managed to do some passes (and I even passed to the right team some of the time!) My proud moment was to bat the ball in the direction of a team mate who went on to score- if I was player on a PC football game it would have been an official 'assist'. I will admit that I may not be the most talented wheelchair basketball but had much fun doing my best! The session was one hour so need to do a few more sessions to get my three hours in. I was going to go back yesterday but had a bad knee pain day so felt resting it completely would be the best bet. I aim to go back this weekend to play again. I am looking at my next few (knee friendly) sports, I am trying (and failing) to find a local Boccia club (if you know of any please let me know) and am going to book on an archery course in January. I am also booked on a fencing course in January but that will be knee dependent as to whether I can do it but am keeping everything crossed. One of the basketball instructors is also involved in the Gold Challenge with some colleagues and they're doing volleyball and athletics in the New Year and has invited me along with them. It will be fab to have some company. Remember, I am doing this challenge to raise money for Dementia UK. I would be really grateful if you are able to sponsor me. Everyone has been really generous so far, and because of this I have the opportunity to raise a lot of money meaning that I will be able to make a real difference to the lives of people affected by dementia. Anyway, I will update you with my next session (with some action shots) when I have done it. Wish me luck yet again.

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