Monday, 6 August 2012

Finishing with some runs and a jump!

I realised this morning that I haven't updated about the end of my challenge. My last 4 events were athletics based. I had the Worcester Parkrun (5k) and I went to an open athletics meeting to take part in the long jump, 200 metres and the 800 metres.

I started off going down the Worcester Parkrun on a sunny Saturday morning. Parkruns are fab, they are 5k training runs that happen all over the country that are free for everyone (whatever standard) to go along and run. There is a brilliant community spirit, they're kept going by volunteers and the support is amazing. I was a little nervous about running 5k, I had only done 3 training runs for it so I just wanted to get around. I did manage to get around in 33.42. Not too bad considering it was really quite hilly and I hadn't really trained. It was tougher then I thought, but was an amazing feeling to finish. I even managed a sprint at the end. I am definitely going back, determined to get under 30 minutes. 30 minutes is my goal, when I get that I am going to join a local running club.

Three days before the opening ceremony (the Gold Challenge deadline) I went over the the Prince of Wales stadium in Cheltenham to do my last events. It was a beautifully sunny evening so the turnout was amazing. I started off with my 800 metres. I don't know my times but I managed to complete my 2 laps of the track. Luckily there were 4 heats sorted in ability order so I wasn't too far behind. I had forgotten how hard those two laps are but felt great to have done it. My long jump clashed with both my track events but managed to get one jump in. It was a bit more of a long stride then a jump, but it was legal so counted!! I finished off my Gold Challenge with a 200 metres. As with the 800 I had forgotten how tough it is. I got to the finish and I wasn't too far behind. I am hoping that after joining a club and having a winter of training I can come back next year and do much better!

That is all my 20 sports completed. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me for my Gold Challenge. There is still time to sponsor me for Dementia UK if you're able. You can do here.

I will do another post in the next few days about the whole challenge- and what sports I have decided to take up. Thank you all again.

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