Friday, 2 March 2012

Sport Number 3. Archery

About 5 weeks I started ago beginner's archery course at Black and Gold Archers in Cheltenham. This was a 2 hour course weekly. Unfortunately due to my operation and my inability to get to Cheltenham on the bus I haven't been able to complete the whole course (6 weeks) but managed to do the first four sessions so did more than enough hours to complete what was needed for my Gold Challenge. I really enjoyed the sessions I did, and I was actually quite good** at it. We learnt how to score, the basics of shooting, how to string a bow and had lots of practice shooting. This is definitely my favourite sport I have done so far and would like to give it a go again. I am gutted I wasn't able to complete the beginner's course but I know there will be another in the autumn so if it's in my favourite couple of sports after I finish the Gold Challenge I will go back and do it. As you know, I am doing the Gold Challenge to raise money for Dementia UK who help improve the quality of life of people affected by Dementia. If you're able to sponsor me for my challenge you can do here. I'm going to book my next sport when my knee is feeling a little better (it's slowly improving) which will be rifle shooting and when it's even more improved I am thinking about doing wheelchair rugby. This scares me lots as it looks very hardcore, but looks fun too. Thank you. **wasn't horrendously bad.

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  1. wheelchair rugby does sound a bit scary - how do they tackle? am v.jealous of the archery, i've always fancied a go - most probably fueled by watching kevin costner when i was younger (ok last week!!)- when I finally finish uni I will do this & other nice things?