Thursday, 24 November 2011

Stupid knee and cheery news.

Well. Things have stopped for a moment on my Gold Challenge as my knee has gone 'POP'. I turned up to work on Monday morning hobbling and my manager sent me to A&E. I got an appointment for fracture clinic Tuesday morning and spent all the morning there being X-Rayed and prodded and poked. It is not broken and I have been referred to physio and for an MRI. At the moment it is very painful and I am walking around on a crutch but I WILL complete the challenge. I may need to change a couple of sports (a half marathon is looking unlikely but sure I can do something in it's place!) but I am determined to do the challenge (I do have until July). We are currently looking at knee friendly sports I can do in the coming weeks as I am desperate to get on with it. I have been feeling really depressed about my knee today so was really chuffed to get an email from the lovely Amy at Dementia UK to tell me that I am sixth on the overall gold challenge leader board and forth on the Olympic sports leader board. This means that I am in with a big shot at being the first to do a 100metres at the Olympic stadium. I cannot tell you how much I want to do this (and I am certain my knee will be better by then) so I am going to beg you to sponsor me here. You can also click on the Dementia UK link there too- have a good look at the charity and how much of a worthy cause it is. If you do you will make a hobbling girl very happy.

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